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Air Jordan 3 | Sneaker LED Light | FREE SHIPPING - MK Neon

Air Jordan 3 | Sneaker LED Light | FREE SHIPPING

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Air Jordan 3 Led Light with Changing colors. Our LED Sneaker lights are laser cut and engraved in a 4mm high density acrylic board.
The base hold the board and contains the LED module that allows the lamp to change color, you can control the changing color by simply touching the base. 
If you are a Sneakerhead, this unique piece will bring the perfect touch of light into your collection!

Sneaker Light Features:

  • Touch Switch for smooth control of the colors.
  • 7 Fixed Colors:  Red / Blue / Green  / Purple / Aqua / Yellow / White
  • Auto Changing Colors 
  • Powered by USB (cable included)
  • Cold and Safe
  • Low power consumption 
  • Long Life LED with 50 000 Hours lifetime 
  • One year warranty
  • Height: 20.5cm |  Width: 20cm  | Depth: 9cm  -  8.0 x 7.9 x 3.55"

What is in the box ?

  • Sneaker Acrylic board
  • Power USB Cable (cable only)
  • Lamp Base

Need an extra Acrylic Board?

sneaker light led acrylic mkneon



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