You are an importer, a wholesaler or retailer and interested in distributing custom neon signs. You can send us a request over email at info@mkneon.com. We recommend including a brief introduction about your company such as: country, distribution channels, quantities. 

A. Wholesale - bulk orders 

We can generate a bulk offer for large quantities. You can emphasize if you prefer having several neon signs within one carton or having one neon per carton. This information helps us optimize shipping options. 

You can attach the logo/image/file you would like to adapt into a custom neon sign. Email us at: info@mkneon.com.

You should receive a first offer within 24 hours. Our team of graphic designers cares about being responsive. We recommend checking your spam box in case. 

Looking forward to receiving your custom project. 

B. Reseller 

We also offer reselling prices for custom neons and logos as well as the collections on the store. 

You can benefit from discounts ordering multiple custom neon signs. 

Contact us at info@mkneon.com to get a first quote and mock-up. An introduction call can be scheduled as well upon request.

To schedule an introduction call, you can: 

    • message us on whatsapp: +1 (213) 634 2001
    • message us on +1 (213) 634 2001
    • email us at info@mkneon.com