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Sneaker LED Lights


We have a sneaker light for every budget... Our Sneaker LED Lights starts at 34.90$

Hong Kong based French artist and Sneakerhead Ben Darmon has partnered with neon makers produce affordable neon signs, perfectly crafted for home decoration. All neons are handcrafted by professional masters, because yes, making neon is an art form. There is no moulding, tooling nor machine to bend the tube, everything is made by human hands. 
We offer two kinds of Neon: Glass and LED, check the products descriptions for more details.

"MK" in MK Neon stands for Mong Kok, one of the most famous districts of Hong Kong. Well known for having the highest density of people in the world, but also the biggest concentration of sneaker stores. Mong Kok is one of the last spots where the streets are still filled with authentic and historical neon signs that haven't been replaced by LED yet.

As safety is essential when it comes to lighting, all our neons are made with high quality materials and fully tested before sending them out, no matter where you live. No installation is required, our neons will work straight out of the box and we offer FREE SHIPPING on all orders.

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