Iconic Neon Portraits Signs

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Neon Portraits Signs

Discover our iconic neon portraits signs. Order an Elvis neon sign or a Michael Jordan neon sign. We have all of your favorite iconic portraits.

Neon portraits signs are the perfect combination of the discipline of art portraiture and the LED technology of neon lighting and embody traditional portraits into luminous artworks. 

The creation process of neon portraits begins with our team of designers who meticulously outline the main contours of the portrait of a public figure, artist, singer, actor, etc. They transform these face contours into colors, that will then be designed with neon light tubes; the neon tubing is bent and shaped to trace the lines of the portrait 

Neon portraits signs can vary widely in style and subject matter. Our collection of neon portrait lights features iconic figures from popular culture or historical luminaries. Each neon portrait is a unique design that will illuminate your interior decoration, in your own house or on the wall of your professional space. 

Whether displayed in art galleries, public spaces, or private collections, neon portraits signs draw attention and infuse creativity and inspiration, at the intersection of art, technology, and human expression.  


If you’re interested in designing a custom neon portrait, whether of a famous figure or a family member, boyfriend or partner, for a gift or for yourself, contact us: our team of designers will send you some design proposals and will make for your custom neon portrait sign

Iconic Neon Portraits Signs Inspiration

Modern Neon Portrait Signs

Illuminate Your Space with Iconic Neon Portraits

Transform any environment with the bold and captivating presence of LED neon portrait signs. Our neon portraits offer a unique and customizable lighting solution that brings iconic images to life in a vibrant and artistic way. At Mkneon, we provide a variety of neon portraits that make a statement, ensuring your space is memorable and visually stunning.

Why Choose LED Neon Portrait Signs?

Affordable: Cost-effective lighting solution for any setting.

Energy Efficient: Save on energy costs with eco-friendly LED neon lights.

Durable: Made from robust materials ensuring longevity.

Safe: LED neon flex is safer to handle and install than traditional glass tubes.

Perfect for Any Space

LED neon portrait signs are ideal for:

Home Decor: Add a touch of personality to your living space.

Offices and Studios: Enhance your work environment with artistic portraits.

Retail Stores: Create an engaging atmosphere that attracts customers.

Restaurants and Cafes: Make your dining area more vibrant and inviting.

Events and Exhibitions: Stand out with unique and captivating neon portraits.

Personalized & Customized Neon Portrait Signs

Handcrafted Original Designs

At Mkneon, all our neon portraits are handcrafted from original designs. Whether you’re looking for a classic portrait, a custom design, or something totally unique, we can create it for you.

Popular Customizations

Famous Icons: Bring legendary figures to life with neon portraits.

Personal Portraits: Turn your favorite photos into stunning neon art.

Artistic Designs: Create custom artistic portraits with a neon twist.

Themed Decor: Match your interior design with themed neon portraits.

Custom Neon Portrait Signs for Businesses

Businesses can greatly benefit from modern neon flex products:

Brand Icons: Highlight key figures related to your brand.

Interior Decor: Enhance the aesthetic appeal of your space with neon art.

Promotional Signs: Use neon portraits to promote special events or themes.

Stand Out with Neon

Visual Impact: Create a striking visual impact with neon portraits.

Custom Branding: Incorporate brand elements into your portrait designs.

Durable Design: Neon portraits built to withstand the elements.

Get Lit with Custom Neon Portrait Signs

Explore Our Collection

Browse our store for the most popular neon portrait signs, artistic designs, and customizable options. Personalize neon portraits for homes, businesses, events, or any other space, or create something truly unique for your needs.

Quality and Craftsmanship

Our custom neon portraits are made from high-quality LED flex, making them more cost-effective, durable, and safer than real glass neon signs. They provide an incredible visual impact while being budget-friendly.

How to Enhance Your Space with Neon Portraits

Essential Tips for Neon Portraits

Choose an Icon: Decide on a figure or image that reflects your style or message.

Neon Style: Select a neon style that complements your decor.

Decorate Strategically: Place neon portraits in high-visibility areas.

Functional Art: Use neon portraits as both decor and lighting.

Interactive Elements: Create photo-worthy spots with neon portraits.

Personal Input: Involve your family or team in choosing designs to create a space everyone loves.

Create Your Own Unique Neon Portrait

Use our online design tool to create your own custom neon portrait sign. See a visual mockup before you order and ensure your portrait is exactly what you envision.

Custom Options

LED Neon Portraits: Personalized portraits for any space.

Neon Shapes and Symbols: Fun and creative designs.

Decorative Portraits: Unique and personalized for any setting.

How to Make Your Own Neon Portrait Sign

No matter what image you want to bring to life, use our clever online neon sign maker to design your own LED neon portrait. In five quick steps, you'll own a unique piece of neon wall art.

Upload Your Design

Want a specific image or artwork? We can create virtually anything you need. Upload your artwork, photo, or logo, and we'll turn it into a stylish glowing portrait.

Why Buy from Mkneon?

Our Design Service

We specialize in custom LED neon portraits, offering a wide range of colors and styles. Whether you need modern or vintage replica neon portraits, we've got you covered.

Customer Support

Can't find a style you like? We can replicate almost any style, including artistic renditions, signatures, images, and logos. Contact us for a custom quote, including your ideas, requirements, and budget.

Easy Online Customization

Create your own neon portrait using our online neon sign maker. Choose your colors, and size, and view your design on different backgrounds. When you're happy, add it to the cart. In just a few weeks, you'll receive your handmade, personalized neon portrait.

Featured Creations

Slide to see signs made using the custom neon design tool on our website.


How Much Do Custom Neon® Portrait Signs Cost?

The cost of custom neon portraits varies based on size, design complexity, and additional features. Our prices start from $200, but we recommend contacting us with your specific requirements for an accurate quote.

Our Design Service

We offer a comprehensive design service where you can work with our team to create custom neon portraits that meet your exact specifications. This includes choosing colors and styles.

Why Buy Neon Portraits from Mkneon?

At Mkneon, we use high-quality LED flex that is durable, energy-efficient, and safe. Our custom portraits are handcrafted and designed to your specifications, ensuring a unique and vibrant addition to any space.

What Neon Light Colors Can I Choose?

We offer a wide range of colors for your neon portraits. Popular choices include:

Warm White

Cool White





Yellow For a full list of available colors, please visit our Color Options Page.

How Big Can My Custom-made Neon Portrait Be?

Our custom neon portraits can be made in various sizes, from small wall art to large installations. The maximum size depends on the complexity of the design and the intended use. Contact us to discuss your specific size requirements.