LED neon signs

Looking to adapt your idea into a custom neon sign? Contact us over email or on Whatsapp +1 (213) 634-2001. You can send us your logo and images as attachments. 

We also have a form on which we offer a preview of trendy fonts, expected dimension, colors. Fill your form here. One of our designers will be in touch with you within 24 hours with a mock-up and a quote. You'll get a first preview of what your custom LED sign will look like! 

You also want to turn your business logo into a neon sign? We'll take care of your project too. We can offer a free mock-up and quote for your LED neon sign: indoor decorative neon and even signs for outdoor events. Contact us over email or on Whatsapp +1 (213) 634-2001. We'll do the job and be in touch with a custom offer. 

For questions about your project such as

  • rush orders? (hint: 8 business days!)
  • changing color neons (yes, you can!)
  • challenging size? (maxi size above 9 foot)

you can also fill the contact form below. You'll receive an answer today : )

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