Bedroom neon lights design

When it comes to creating an atmosphere in your room, nothing says fun like adding led signs for the room to the decor! These funky and stylish lighted signs have been gaining popularity over the past few years, and now there are tons of options available so you can use to decorate the bedroom neon lights design room just about any way you want. Here are some examples of how these signs that the MK Neon team of graphic designers created for modern bedrooms and tips on how you can incorporate them into your own decor!


Decorating With Neon Lights:

Neon lights are a fun way to decorate your room. They can be used to sign off on a room that has been designed in a specific theme, or they can be used as accents throughout the space. Neon lights are easy to install: you just need to find the right spot!

#1: Signage is an essential part of any activity so why not take this idea into your own home? Install neon signs by using adhesive strips (we can provide!) or tacks on walls, ceilings, furniture, etc. You could have different signs such as BABE YOU LOOK SO COOL or All you need is love.


#2: These light signage ideas work well in bedrooms because they can also light up the space with their cool neon lights!

neon hedphone head set


Tips On Choosing The Right Color Combination:

When it comes to color, you might want to consider the overall feeling of the room when making a decision. For example, if you're going for a romantic or relaxing vibe, choose soft pastels. If you're going for an energetic or exciting feel, choose brighter colors. For an elegant look, use light signage that is primarily warm white with a few pops of color here and there. The key is to think about what kind of mood you want in the room when choosing your color combinations. Check out this Aloha custom neon sign, in orange LED neon!

 aloha neon sign


What To Look For In A Sign:

Light signage is a great way to add some color to any room. When designing your bedroom, consider the placement of the signs. The best place to put them is in the four corners of your room or along the edges of your ceiling. This will help with reading them when you enter the room in a dark state of mind. So whether it be a sign that says Hello or one that reads Goodnight, light signage can make your bedroom feel like home.

good night neon sign


10 Design Ideas That Work With Neon Lights:

  1. Above your bed: One way to make your bedroom look more inviting is with a set of white neon lights above your bed. This will bring in extra light during the day when you need it, and the blue glow at night will help you sleep better.
  2. Neon sign on wall or headboard: You can create a custom-made neon sign to put over your bed as well as on one of the walls in the room or on the headboard. This will give off just enough light so that you can see what you're doing when getting ready for bed, but not too much to keep you from sleeping soundly afterward.
  3. In front of the window: It's easy to overlook how dark most rooms get during the evening hours because they are usually lit up by artificial light sources. If you want to use natural light in your bedroom, consider installing some small LED strips or neon signs right in front of your window so that they reflect against it like a mirror.
  4. On closet doors: If you want some additional lighting inside your walk-in closet without having any cords showing, consider placing an LED strip inside near the top of the door frame where no one would notice it unless they were actively looking for it.
  5. With faux flowers: Faux flowers are perfect for adding color and interest to any room without taking up valuable space because they're just smaller versions of their real counterparts.

neon air max closet

The choice is wide. It's time to consider which neon sign you would like to add to your room for decoration. Our designers at MK Neon will help you to choose the right combination for your room. Contact us at, we'll do the rest : )