Successfully launching a product

A neon for a product launch? Launching a new product means opening up new opportunities to its customers and maybe even attracting the attention of new potentials.

Successful product launch

How to do it? There are many types of clients—those who stick to the usual, those who crave innovation, those who value price above all, and those who are pioneering early adopters who rush to buy the newest products. This is where merchandising techniques really matter. Visual merchandising includes staging the store, designing window displays and putting together an intriguing decor that will catch a client’s eye and stick in their memory. 

Neon merchandising is incredible for this. Why? Because light attracts the eye. Humans are naturally drawn to it. Merchandisers, this section is for you. How do you want to launch your next product?

Neon in all its forms

Custom neons, logos, quotes, colored LED strips, light tubes, a whole spectrum of trendy flexible LED accessories to liven up your show. We tell you everything on!

Neon and green wall

The animation can start with the arrangement of a custom-made flexible LED neon on a green wall. Artificial or real? It’s a matter of taste and budget. The artificial panels are practical because they can be arranged at will. The green wall is in fact arranged on a metal structure on which the neon can be suspended with hooks. The result is incredible. Neon can stay on day or night, it remains at room temperature.

Neon and sequin wall

Our last trend for a department store setting as realized with the Neiman Marcus brand: the personalized neon on the sequin wall. The wall is also modular. We have all kinds of sequin glitter that enhance neon light. A blower in front of the neon and the pellets start to vibrate. A smart idea for the realization of an advertisement, for example.

LED neon strip

The LED strip is nice because it is very easy to use. We sell it in rolls. The LED strip or LED strip can be in one color or in RGB, which means that it changes colors according to desires and moods. The LED strip sticks to any surface and can be programmed with wifi with an application or in Bluetooth. We can find the LED strip in living rooms, in aluminum profiles to give shine to the product to be highlighted.

Light tubes

Light tubes are back in fashion for brands' setting. They are found more and more in stores, hanged from the ceiling, placed on the floor. We offer all kinds of sizes of light tubes. The neon tube can be placed thanks to a sober or pleasant base. The power supply is preferred to ensure a better brightness.

Written and translated in cooperation with Sarah Raymond, Technical Writer and Translator.