The reasons why they hang a neon sign in their gaming room 👾

Looking around gaming room setups? You should have noticed that custom neon signs are often the masterpiece of decoration. 

Here are some reasons why individuals like you hang neon signs in their gaming room. 

Custom neon lights advertise on your name 

Have your game name lit with a LED neon

When you play, you'd like the world to know about your pieces of advice and performance. Having your game name lit at the background of your screen with a LED neon will make people remember. They'll easily remember who you are. 

Be viral with neon letters

Your name should be remembered as well as your slogan. Your neon signs don't have to be big, but they can what you stand up for. Choose a neon letter hashtag to be viral and attract more subscribers. 

Turn your logo into a custom neon sign

MK NEON goes further and allows you to turn your logo into a custom neon sign. You just need to send us a file over email, and we'll design an LED neon adaptation of your logo. Your logo is what makes you so unique. Having your logo into a LED sign is what makes you visible. 

Neon light: game room decoration 

Bespoke lights make you unique 

Your room decoration is yours. You can stand up for your values and show what you love. Taking the time to create your neon light is the outcome of a creation that is truly unique: made by you, for you. 

Comfortable gaming environment 

Your gaming environment becomes your cave. You feel at ease and certainly can play better within your game room. You can turn on and off your neon light when you need. 

Intrusive lights

Lights create a fun atmosphere, but you want to be careful with intrusive light. At MK NEON we only use patented LED neon tubes. We provide a dimmer for you to play with the light intensity of your custom neon. We advise setting a mode up to 10% for the light to be gentle. This way you could keep focusing on playing. 

What can MK Neon graphic designers do for your game room?


If you need more pieces of advice about custom neon signs you can see our reference in this article on Porch. 

In the meantime, you can reach us out via email at and we'll guide you on your LED sign project. At MK Neon, we are a team of graphic designers, and we'll know how to turn your logo/text into a LED custom neon sign. 

We deliver worldwide within 2 weeks. FREE SHIPPING. 

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