Custom Neon Signs for Your Business

Are you looking for a fun way to brighten up your office walls? Do you need a fun and eye-catching sign for your next company event? Consider a custom LED neon sign from MK Neon. 

Regardless of how casual or professional your company is, a custom neon sign can be a memorable showpiece to add to your business. Neon signs are no longer only used by storefronts or diners. They’re a trendy and fun way to draw attention and add some spice to an otherwise plain wall. 

There’s more than one way to add a neon sign to your company’s decor, so depending on what you’re looking for, you might want to consider a few different types of custom LED neon sign designs. 

  custom neon sign for business levis shop mk neonBig brands turn to MK Neon for our high-quality LED neon signs. 

 Before we jump into the number of ways you can use neon signs for your business, it’s important to understand how these signs can help you. 

Benefits of Neon Signs for Your Business 

You might think that a neon sign has no place in a professional corporate or office setting. But, if done correctly, they can be a tasteful addition to your decor. 

Of course, you don’t want a sign that’s flashing or distracting in a place where employees are meant to concentrate or greet important clients. However, neon signs have had a modern revival that has rendered them tasteful, playful, and relevant to many different businesses. 

 Here are a few ways a custom neon sign can benefit your business: 

  •  Entirely customizable: No need to pick from a handful of stock signs made up of generic symbols or text. You can create exactly what you want and choose your own design, fonts, and colors. 
  • Very visible: Neon signs are instantly noticeable, so having one for your business will make your brand more visible to anyone who walks in the door. 
  • Efficient and easy to maintain: Neon signs are actually easier to maintain than other illuminated signsThere’s no risk of breaking the tube, unlike glass neon, and it also doesn’t use heavy metals or gas. since the light bulbs don’t have to be changed as oftenFurthermore, neon lights use less energy than a standard lightbulb, saving you money on your monthly electric bill. 
  • Unique and impressive: Stand out from the crowd with a fun and catchy custom LED neon sign. These signs are often so memorable that clients will love snapping and sharing photos of it, which is a great way to reach a wider audience. 

Ideas of Custom Neon Signs for Your Company 

Custom neon signs can be used in different business settings, such as in different areas of your office as well as for corporate events. Here are a few different ideas for custom LED neon signs for your business: 

Company Logo 

Instead of having a one-dimensional depiction of your company’s logo, turn it into a bright and bold neon sign.  

Here you can see how music producer Adam Ivy uses a custom neon sign in his studio. The sign features prominently in his social media images and YouTube videos, which help promote brand awareness without being too obvious.  

custom neon signs for business adam ivy youtuber mk neonMusic producer @adamivy has an MK Neon custom logo sign in his studio. 

Company Name 

If you don’t have a distinct logo or would simply prefer to highlight your company’s name, then creating a custom neon sign of your business’s name is also a good strategy to get you noticed. You can create signs in a variety of styles, so if you already have a specific style or font that your business uses, that can be reflected in the neon sign you design. 

The Tavern 5 Restaurant uses a colored neon sign in their restaurant in order to grab attention and make a statement. Tavern 5’s neon sign is a draw for customers, and also a great way for the restaurant to promote its brand on social media by creating shareable images with the company name in the background.  

custom neon sign business tavern 5 restaurant pub mk neon@tavern5restaurant uses its custom MK Neon sign to promote new menu items. 

Quotes in Your Meeting Room 

Add some pizzazz to your regular staff meetings by adding a motivational quote in your meeting room, board room, or even your staff lunchroom. The quote can be anything that relates to your business or that inspires your employees.  

For a neon sign, you should keep your quotes short and simple. Use a quote with a small number of words and a maximum of 2 or 3 lines. You want your employees or clients who walk into a board room to be able to see and read the quote instantly. A long quote that requires more time to read would make it less impactful. 

If you don’t want to use a quote, then you can also turn a collection of individual words that represent your company’s values into a neon sign. 

Here are a few ideas for short motivational quotes that can work for almost any business: 

  •  Hard work beats talent 
  • Teamwork makes the dream work 
  • Think big 
  • Respect, integrity, purpose   


custom neon sign business quoteChoose a quote that inspires your employees every time they step into the room. 

Corporate Event Signs 

Whether it’s a conference to network with new clients, a product launch, or a corporate training event, including a custom neon sign is a good way to boost interest and morale. 

You can take any approach to which neon sign you choose for this type of event. If you want to play it safe, you can simply use your company logo or name. This would be ideal if you’re at a conference and you want to stand out to new clients or partners.  

On the other hand, if you’re launching a new product or collaboration, you can choose a neon sign that promotes this.  

custom neon sign business neiman marcus event mk neonA custom MK Neon sign used by @neimanmarcus for a collaboration. 

Company Party 

Aside from corporate events where you need to impress clients or buyers, you can also use a neon sign as a fun addition to a company party, such as a holiday party or anniversary party. 

Again, you can opt to use your company logo or name for this type of event as well, but you want to set it up in a way that is both chic and inviting. Set it in a distinct area surrounded by other decor such as flowers or balloons, and let your employees use that as a photo booth area. That way, your sign will be featured in the background of all their pictures.  

custom neon signs business galita mk neonA custom MK Neon sign at a New Year’s Eve event for @galita_fashion. 

Meaningful Imagery 

A neon sign doesn’t always have to be something that displays your company’s name or logo. In fact, it doesn’t even have to be text at all. 

Maybe you have a specific image in mind that helps represent your business, such as a mascot, a product, or even a place. 

At MK Neon, we can create a custom LED neon sign for almost anything you dream up. If your company is a family business and you want to pay homage to that, you can add a neon country map as decor to your walls to add a personal touch to your office decor.  

custom neon sign business italy mk neonCustom @mk.neon sign of a map of Italy. 

Create a Custom Neon Sign for Your Business 

Have these ideas inspired you to create your own neon sign for your business? Great! Start creating your neon sign right away 

If you have another idea in mind, we’d love to hear about it. Send us a custom request and we’ll help you bring your vision to life.