The Best Neon Signs For A Wedding

Are you looking for a neon sign for a wedding but you’re not sure where to start? Leave it to the experts at MK Neon. Here are our professional tips and ideas for adding a custom neon sign to your wedding. 

Planning a wedding is tough enough. Your attention is divided between florists, caterers, finalizing the guest list, finding the right photographer, and countless other tasks. The idea of getting a neon sign for your wedding may have crossed your mind, but if you haven’t put much thought into it, you’re probably at a loss of where to begin. 

 Not to worry. Creating a custom neon sign is actually a lot easier than you think. Adding neon wedding signs to a reception is becoming a popular trend for many couples. It’s easy to do, makes a lasting impact, looks great in photos, and does a good job of adding an extra personal touch to your event. 

 The only thing you really need to do is settle on a design for your neon wedding sign, and leave the rest up to us, the experts. Need some guidance on choosing the perfect neon sign? Here are a few ideas to help inspire your decision. 

Where Should You Put Your Custom Neon Wedding Sign? 

Before you decide on what your sign should say, it can be helpful to first determine where exactly your sign will be placed at your reception. 

 Here are some placements we recommend: 

  •  Flower or statement wall: if you’re planning on having a wall of decorations or flowers where guests can take photos, add a neon wedding sign to the mix. 
  • Reception: help let your guests know they’re in the right place by using a custom neon sign placed in the welcoming area or over a table with their seating arrangement cards. 
  • At the bar: everyone loves a wedding with an open bar! Make the bar even more inviting by placing your neon sign here. 
  • Behind your table: add your neon sign right behind the bride & groom table so that it can be captured in photos when you first sit down together. 
  • Photobooth section: if you’re going to dedicate a portion of your venue for guests to snap some fun photos, consider adding a neon sign for an extra pop of color and fun. 

Neon Signs for a Wedding Ideas 

The sign you choose should reflect the overall theme and tone of your wedding. Are you going for a classy and elegant event, or do you want your guests to feel more laid-back in a casual atmosphere? Are you more looking forward to the party portion of your wedding, or are you excited by the romance of it all?  

Whatever you decide, there is a neon sign that can fit any type of wedding vibe. Take a look at some of the best choices, including variations of you and your partner’s names, classic romantic quotes, and some other fun options. 

Your Names or Initials 

This type of neon sign can work for any type of wedding. You can add your first names, such as “Alex + Jason,” or just have the initials, “A + J”. You can also turn the initials into more of a logo if you’d like by adding some design to it, like placing it in a heart or circle. This is a great option that can work anywhere in your event space, especially as a sign near your welcome area where your guests will arrive. 

Your (New) Last Name 

Instead of having both your names, add only your last name since it now belongs to the both of you! A custom neon sign of your last name, such as “The Millers” is a sweet way to mark your new beginning together and can be a great keepsake to add to your shared home after the celebration is over. For even more of a personal touch, you can add the year of your wedding, such as “est. 2020” underneath your last name. 

wedding neon signs mk neon

 Mr & Mrs 

Or Mr & Mr. Mrs & Mrs. We don’t judge! Instead of using your first or last names, this is a nice way to commemorate the joining of two people that can be used over and over. The great thing about this sign is that it’s more versatile, so if you want to lend it out to some friends or regift it (as we said... we don’t judge), it can work for multiple wedding events. 

Just Married 

We’re used to seeing the words “just married” scribbled on the back of a car after a wedding, but instead of having it as a temporary sign, create a neon wedding sign. A custom “just married” sign would look great after you’ve said your vows and take your first photos together as a married couple. 

just married neon sign mk neon


Happily Ever After 

If you’re after that storybook wedding, then a custom sign with the words “happily ever after” in an elegant font is a beautiful piece of decor. The sign itself is a great addition to any fairy-tale wedding, and you can make it even more romantic by decorating around the sign with soft foliage like roses, branches, and hanging vines for an unforgettably dreamy look. 

happily ever after neon sign wedding mk neon

Wedding Hashtag 

Are you that Insta-obsessed couple that loves to document your relationship on social media? A lot of couples are creating fun hashtags for their wedding and the events leading up to it, like bridal showers and bachelor and bachelorette parties. A custom neon sign of your wedding hashtag is a great way to remind guests to use your unique hashtag when posting videos or photos of your event. Later on, you’ll have two special keepsakes: all the photos that your family and friends posted on the gram, and a beautiful neon hashtag sign to take home! 

All You Need Is Love 

Whether or not you’re a die-hard fan of The Beatles is irrelevant. Whenever you see these words written anywhere, the sound of bold trumpets immediately comes to mind. Add a funky sign with the words “All You Need Is Love” and we’re sure that you and your guests will love snapping some photos in front of this classic quote. 

all you need is love neon sign wedding mk neon

Drunk In Love/Crazy In Love 

If you’re not a fan of The Beatles, then maybe Beyoncé works better for you. Add a quote from one of her songs as a fun and youthful way to commemorate your nuptials while also getting the party started! “Drunk In Love” will encourage your guests to hit the bar, while “Crazy In Love” is sure to make them want to hit the dancefloor. 

Drunk in love neon sign wedding neon sign mk neon

‘Til Death/’Til Death Do Us Party 

Incorporate part of your vows in the neon sign for your wedding. Keep it simple by having “‘Til Death” hung up on the wall of your reception, or if you’re feeling playful, change it up a little to “‘Til Death Do Us Party” and your guests will be sure to know that they came to the most fun wedding of the year. 

t'il death neon sign wedding neon sign mk neon

You Can’t Go Wrong With A Custom Neon Wedding Sign 

Any option you choose will be a huge hit at your wedding. Once you’ve decided on the text, the next step is picking out the font, style, and colors. At MK Neon, we have tons of design options for you so you can get a custom neon sign that matches both your wedding’s decor and your personality as a couple. Contact us today to get started on creating the perfect neon sign for your wedding!