Create a Custom Nursery Neon


We select for you 24 fonts to create your custom neon sign.

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We offer a selection of 5 sizes in the customizer: 20''/50 cm, 29''/75 cm, 40''/100 cm, 60''/150 cm, 79''/200 cm and 99''/250 cm.


  • For most living rooms, we recommend between 29'' / 75 cm and 79'' / 200 cm
  • For most bedrooms, we recommend between 20'' / 50 cm and 60'' / 150 cm
  • For most kid rooms, we recommend between 20'' / 50 cm and 40'' / 100 cm
  • For most shops and officeswe recommend between 40'' / 100 cm and 99'' / 250 cm
  • For most weddings, we recommend between 29'' / 75 cm and 59'' / 150 cm


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  • LED neon light: our flexible LED neon tube is a new technology of neon. LED neon light provides a longer lifespan that original glass neon. The neon signs remain cold, silent, safe and eco-friendly because it is low voltage 
  • BACKINGClear (by default) and resistant backing of 5 mm to support the sign. Neon signs are made of flexible neon tube. A neon sign must be set on a backing in order to keep its shape in time. We create design neon sign so we like suggesting the “cut to shape” backing. The backing of the neon sign is quasi invisible on picture.  


  • LED neon sign ready to use  
  • +50000 hours lifetime 
  • Low Voltage 12Vtransformer compatible according to the country of your choice 
  • Power Cord length: 6’ = 180 cm of Clear Cord / 78 = 260 cm Power Cord 
  • 0.19” = 5 mm Clear Acrylic Backingpre drilled to ease the installation 
  • Kit: wall mounting screws or/and ceiling mount  
  • 1 year warranty for all LED neon signsAnyway we’ll keep in touch 
  • Optional: one dimmer and its remote ($25 extra) 


Easy to install. Simply hang your neon sign, plug it to an outlet and your new bespoke neon light is ready to shine!  


If you want to send a custom neon sign request to our creative team, click here. 


MK Neon was created by the Hong Kong based Frenchartist and Sneakerhead Ben DarmonBen is partnering with neon masters to produce affordable, bespoke and trendy neon signs. Neon signs are perfectly crafted for home decoration and become a key design lighting objectAll neons are handcrafted by professional masters, because yes, making neon is a form of artEach light is unique as made by hand, from sculpting to final assembly. 

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Create a Custom Nursery Neon

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💡 Create your Custom Neon Sign for your Nursery

Our Custom Neon Signs for Nursery are the perfect touch of light and style for your baby bedroom. Our LED neon tubes are cold, safe, silent, low voltage and don't break as glass neons.

  • Choose your text or design
  • Choose your dimensions
  • Choose your colors

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Possibility of Express Shipping 10 business days $100 extra (choose the option at the checkout)

Customer Reviews

Based on 286 reviews
Samantha Brown
Awesome Neon!

I bought this for my sons birthday and it is 100% just like the picture. Awesome neon! It is so you will want the dimmer for sure!


So happy with this light. It was bought as a gift and arrived exactly as advertised and in about 2 weeks. So much faster than expected. Definitely get the dimmer!

Kama Larry
This is the best!

You are getting what you see in the Photo! It illuminates my entire living room and is way better than I expected, I am GOING to buy one for my game room.

Louise Wilson
Rose All Day Pink Neon SIgn

We paid for rush shipping and got the sign within two weeks! It was exactly as described, great quality.

E. Kosi
Great Job and arrived on time!

I ordered one of these as a birthday present for my S.O. and needed to make sure it arrived in time (located in the U.S). I worked specifically with Rivka, and sure enough the package arrived on time for the big reveal! It was a massive success! I can't speak highly enough of Rivka to ensure this order would be produced and sent in on time. The piece itself is great and gives us a smile each time we walk past it. Kudos to the Rivka and MK Neon team